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Thank you for choosing NSN 360 as your go-to sourcing solution for Ty Ohm Electronic Work Co Ltd parts and components. On this page, you can find the electronic parts and components that are currently available from the manufacturer Ty Ohm Electronic Work Co Ltd. When looking over our expansive listings, you will find that we have a number of in-demand items such as part numbers FRN1W18OHMGT/R, FRN1W5.9KOHMFT/R, FKN2W1.8OHMT/RG, FRN1/2W4.3OHMGBULK, FRN2W1.1OHMGT/R, and others, in stock.

We have simplified the purchasing process by listing all the available parts of Ty Ohm Electronic Work Co Ltd alongside their part number, part type, and description, as applicable. If you would like more information about any particular item featured on this page, you can fill out and submit an RFQ form. Upon submitting a form, a dedicated representative will reach out to you with a competitive quote for your comparisons in just 15 minutes or less. When you rely on NSN 360, you are always guaranteed quality!

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Part Number Part Type Description Availability RFQ
FRN1W18OHMGT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,18 ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W5.9KOHMFT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,5.9k ohms,300wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN2W1.8OHMT/RG fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,1.8 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W4.3OHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,4.3 ohms,250wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W1.1OHMGT/R fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,1.1 ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W2.7OHMKT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,2.7 ohms,250wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN3W9.53OHMBULKF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,9.53 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W22KOHMKT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,22k ohms,350wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W15KOHMKBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,15k ohms,300wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN2W20OHMT/RJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,20 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ10W100OHMT/RJ fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,100 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ2W2R2T/BK fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,2.2 ohms,1kwv,10% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc,7128 case Yes RFQ
FRN2W0.34OHMFBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,340m ohms,350wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN5W0.34OHMT/RF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,340m ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W1.5OHMGT/B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,1.5 ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN5W44.2OHMT/BF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,44.2 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W2.8KOHMFT/B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,2.8k ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W27OHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,27 ohms,250wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W220OHMGT/B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,220 ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W1.2OHMKT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,1.2 ohms,300wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W3.9KOHMKT/B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,3.9k ohms,500wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W200OHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,200 ohms,250wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN2W1.0OHMBULKK fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,1 ohms,500wv,10% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W5.9KOHMFT/B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,5.9k ohms,350wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W11KOHMGT/B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,11k ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W1.2KOHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,1.2k ohms,250wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN2W0.56OHMT/RJ fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,560m ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W7.5OHMFBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,7.5 ohms,250wv,1% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ10W59OHMT/RF fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,59 ohms,1kwv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN3W560OHMJT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,560 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W24KOHMJT/B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,24k ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ10W2.7OHMBULKG fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,2.7 ohms,1kwv,2% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN1W3.0OHMT/RG fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,3 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ2W180T/BK fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,18 ohms,1kwv,10% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc,7128 case Yes RFQ
SQZ10W2R2 NA lead spacing 1.23 Yes RFQ
FRL1/2W8.2OHMKT/R fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,8.2 ohms,300wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W4.3KOHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,4.3k ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W2.7KOHMJT/B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,2.7k ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN3W25.5OHMBULKF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,25.5 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W430OHMGT/R fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,430 ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL1W150KT/R fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,15 ohms,350wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W180OHMJT/B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,180 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W5.6KOHMKT/B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,5.6k ohms,300wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN3W2.00OHMT/RF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,2 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W220OHMKT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,220 ohms,250wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W160OHMJT/B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,160 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W8.2KOHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,8.2k ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ10W0.68OHMT/RJ fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,680m ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL1/4W0.56OHMKT/B fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,560m ohms,250wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W7.5KOHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,7.5k ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W750OHMJT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,750 ohms,300wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W39KOHMKBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,39k ohms,250wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN2W21OHMT/BF fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,21 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W56KOHMKBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,56k ohms,300wv,10% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRL2W4.7OHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,4.7 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN3W39KOHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,39k ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ10W0.91OHMT/BJ fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,910m ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN3W360OHMJT/R fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,360 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN5W1.21OHMT/RF fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,1.21 ohms,500wv,1% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FKN5W1.1OHMT/RG fuse resistor res,axial,wirewound,1.1 ohms,500wv,2% +/-tol,-400,400ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W820OHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,820 ohms,350wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W15OHMJT/R fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,15 ohms,350wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN2W8.2KOHMGT/R fuse resistor res,axial,non-specified,8.2k ohms,350wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1/2W11OHMJT/B fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,11 ohms,250wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FSQ10W13OHMBULKJ fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,13 ohms,1kwv,5% +/-tol,-300,300ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN1W0.27OHMGBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,270m ohms,300wv,2% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
FRN3W22OHMJBULK fuse resistor res,axial,metal alloy,22 ohms,500wv,5% +/-tol,-200,200ppm tc Yes RFQ
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